Portfolio - Single Family

Anastasia Dunes

  • Project: Greystone
    Location: Baker County, Florida
    Client: Forte Macaulay Development Consultants, Inc.
    Description: Approximately 230 - 50' Wide lots along the St. Mary's River on 160 acres
  • Project: Whitelock Farms
    Location: St. Johns County, Florida
    Client: C. Atkerson, Inc
    Description: Approximately 80 lots varying in size from 3 acres to 20 acres in an equestrian setting on 600 acres
  • Project: Coppergate
    Location: Clay County, Florida
    Client: Matovina & Company
    Description: Approximately 500 lots varying in size from 43' to 90' wide on 235 acres
  • Project: Anastasia Dunes
    Location: St. Johns County, Florida
    Client: McGarvey Residential Communities
    Description: Approximately 135 - 90' lots intertwined within the existing sand dunes and specimen oak trees on 72 acres
  • Project: Red's Gait
    Location: Jacksonville, Florida
    Client: Red's Gait, LLP
    Description: Approximately 40 - 90' lots on 20 acres
  • Project: Blue Lake Estates
    Location: Jacksonville, Florida
    Client: B&C Development of Duval, Inc.
    Description: Approximately 200 - 90' lots around and existing Borrow Pit modified for storm water retention on 105 acres
  • Project: Longleaf Forrest
    Location: Jacksonville, Florida
    Client: Hey Dad Development Company, Inc.
    Description: Approximately 30 - 60' lots on 8.8 acres