Multi Family

We at Taylor & White realize that property is getting scarce and expensive.  Every square foot needs to produce income for the developer and this is our focus during design of Multi-Family sites. At the same time, we understand the importance of a spacious and flowing presentation that will appeal to the end user of the property.  Modern Multi-Family development requires a balance of both quantity and quality.  We at Taylor & White take pride in our ability to produce a product that incorporates both these aspects in the final design.

Single Family

Taylor & White has a distinctive approach to single family subdivision planning and design. We like to take the existing qualities and features of the developable land and blend them into an individualized project that meets the needs of both the developer and the end user. During the Planning Phase, we keep the client fully involved as the site layout evolves with regard to number and size of lots as well as maximizing the number of "premium" lots along proposed ponds and existing wetlands.


The ideal Commercial Development combines both function and appeal. Each site is unique, providing both challenges and opportunities to a design that is practical and attractive at the same time. Whether your site is part of a national chain or an independent local business, Taylor & White will provide you with a design that makes the most of your site.

Municipalities & Government

Taylor & White approaches Municipal and Government projects with the same eye toward optimizing the existing site into a functional, pleasing, and constructible design. We understand that municipal and government related projects are highly visible and reflect greatly on the project managers and officials tied to the project. Taylor & White will provide the exacting attention and skill needed during planning and design to produce a successful and quality project that all involved can be proud of.

Mixed Use

Mixed Use Developments are becoming more popular and prevalent with the reduced availability of developable land. Taylor & White incorporates the requirements of the regulatory community with client objectives to produce a mixed use design that balances cost-effective and quality construction with a convenient and pleasant living environment for the end user.