Royal St. Augustine Golf and Country Club

The Royal St. Augustine Golf and Country Club consists of approximately 250 acres, located three miles east of Interstate 95 on the south side of State Road 16 in St. Johns County, Florida developed by Cordele Builders, Inc. The extensive planning and design of this community accomplished a very creative approach to the development of the land. The outcome was a desirable environment, which provided efficient use of land, resulting in smaller networks of utilities and streets. Care was taken to enhance the appearance of surrounding neighborhoods through preservation of natural features, provisions of underground utilities, recreation areas and open space in harmony with the existing zoning and subdivision requirements. The attention given to these details provided an environment of stable character, which is compatible with the surrounding residential areas and would retain property values over the years.

Central water, sewer and fire utilities were provided for the development by St. Johns County Utility Company and designed, permitted and certified by Taylor & White

The main access into the development is off of State Road 16 on the north, with a secondary access to 4 Mile Road to the south. The main entrance road, Royal St. Augustine Parkway, is a two (2) lane curbed and guttered roadway within an 80' wide right-of-way, with left and right turn lanes at the intersection with State Road 16 and at the intersection of 4 Mile Road.

A bridge provided over 4 Mile Road, which entailed extensive and extremely detailed drawings to allow for correct grading and the required vehicular clearance below, became the bridge for golf cart access to three golf holes south of 4 Mile Road.

Five Single Family Residential Parcels which consist of 369 single family units and one Multi-Family Parcel consisting of 264 units, made up the overall residential element. The Multi-Family Parcel, now known as Florida Apartment Club, consists of a 5,000 sf clubhouse, luxury swimming pool, tot lot, barbeque areas and volleyball court.

The 18 hole Championship Golf Course, Designed by J. Chris Commins, ASGCA, comprises approximately 129 acres of the development and includes a 9,000 sq. ft. golf maintenance building, and a 6,000 sq. ft. Clubhouse, a 7,000 sq. ft. cart barn; putting green; a driving range; and respective parking facilities.

Royal St. Augustine Golf & Country Club has approximately five (5) acres of wetland creation, two (2) acres of wetland enhancement and twenty (20) acres of wetland preservation for a total of twenty-seven (27) acres of wetlands, which are considered open space.

Royal St. Augustine Golf & Country Club took approximately nine (9) months to design and permit, and was under construction for a period of approximately 16 months mainly due to the required grow-in period of the golf course.